Oak Ridge Farmers' Market

We grow it, make it or bake it! We are a vendor-only farmers' market in Oak Ridge, TN, offering hand-picked produce, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, pork and lamb, fresh eggs, artisan bread and cheese, honey, fresh flowers and more! Many of our vendors use organic or sustainable methods.
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Keeping it clean at FARM Markets🧼⁣

Did you know we have multiple vendors offering hygiene products at our markets?! 😀⁣

You can shop handmade soaps, scrubs, lotions and other products with these vendors:⁣
🧼 @wildweedorganic
🧼 @friendlyfarm
🧼 Capracadabra ⁣
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market

Shopping at local farmers’ markets looks different than the grocery store but, we are here to HELP YOU!🤩⁣

Whether your trying a new recipe, finding a different hygiene scrub, or ready to plant something new, our vendors can help you pick out the perfect product.👨🏻‍🌾⁣

Plus, you can shop with quality assurance knowing all products are grown, made or baked locally. This close proximity contributes to a longer shelf life and higher benefits!⁣

SHOP WITH US TOMORROW • 3-6pm • Ebenezer United Methodist Church🧺
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Our products are just that: FRESH⁣

We are so grateful for the multiple organizations that are supporting FARM Markets during this different time. ⁣

Because of these organizations, our producers are able to continue growing/making/baking and stay in business.👨🏻‍🌾⁣

Come out this Saturday to shop small with your local producers! 🍅🥬🥕🍓🧀🍞💐⁣

SATURDAY • 8am-12pm • Jackson Square, Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
We love showing pictures of FARM Markets and their local products but, today, we want to showcase our essential producers!👨🏻‍🌾⁣

Everybody meet Mark Brown! Mark and his father, Willard, own and operate Spring Oak Farm in Rickman, TN. ⁣

You can shop with Willard and Mark at all THREE of our markets! They bring lots of fresh veggies and herbs such as greens, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, cilantro and more!🍅🥬⁣

To preorder with Spring Oak Farm, you can call or text 931.239.0834 or 931.239.0451!

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Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
We are extremely grateful for all our service men and women who have sacrificed to protect his country.🇺🇸⁣

Hopefully you were able to shop with us this week and prepare for a fun filled weekend! We wish everyone a safe, happy and relaxing Memorial Day!⁣

Be on the lookout for the newsletter to come through in the morning with who and what will be at markets this week! If you haven’t already, hope over to our webpage and subscribe for weekly FARM updates.🌞
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market is at Oak Ridge Farmers' Market.
Oak Ridge Farmers' Market
You hear us say “FRESH and LOCAL” a lot but, our products truly are! 🍅⁣

When you shop at FARM Markets, you are buying products that are raised, grown, made and baked by the vendors selling them.👨🏻‍🌾⁣

Most produce has been picked within 24 hours before market so it has the maximum nutritional value. ⁣

Pick up fresh and healthy meat, veggies and fruits at market for your Memorial Day plans! Check out our stories to see what all will be there!🇺🇸⁣

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